We aren't staying close

My friends plus I went to San Francisco last weekend… Both of us live about 2 hours away from the city, so all of us only visit when there is something interesting going on, but last month was the seafood festival plus all of us decided to go to the village plus stay overnight, and there are a couple of cheap hotels in San Francisco, as long as you don’t stay close to the beach or the wharf.

My friends plus I found a site close to a marijuana dispensary.

There was a flyer in the hotel pamphlet from the cannabis shop. Both of us decided to order marijuana supplies or the next afternoon. My friends plus I had a tour of Alcatraz Island scheduled. It’s a single of the coolest sites in San Francisco plus I had not been there since I was a young child. I took the disposable vape pen with me on the tour, then while all of us were listening to the guide, I hit the marijuana pen a couple of times. When the tour group split up, a security guard grabbed our arm plus escorted me away from the rest of the group. The security guard claimed to have seen me smoking marijuana on camera; He said there were a hundred signs posted all over the compound that marijuana plus cigarette use was illegal. I certainly did not guess it was a truly giant deal, but I got kicked out of the tour group plus I had to wait for our friends to finish separate from me. I was pretty bummed out that I missed the rest of the tour, since I was the a single that was excited.

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