Why are the delivery times so high??

San Francisco is a really tied up city, but downtown by the wharf plus the water, San Francisco is filled with tourists, and they are literally everywhere, however i’ve lived in the city for 25 years.

I moved here back in the 90s so I could open a restaurant.

The restaurant was open for several years plus then the two of us closed down. I was young plus stupid plus I did not think the first thing about running a business. I worked in the food service industry for a long time plus now I spend our afternoons plus night delivering marijuana for a dispensary. It’s a absolutely simple plus simple job plus it does not require a lot of thought. I’ve spent a long time being busy out at work plus this job delivering marijuana is perfect for myself and others now. I care about the ease of the job. I report to the cannabis dispensary plus option up all of the orders that are ready. They each have a slip with the name plus address of the person. I absolutely put the address of the delivery into our GPS plus most of the venues are within a few miles of the cannabis dispensary, then last weekend, San Francisco was severely tied up due to the Gay Pride week. Delivery times were much higher on the weekend; On Saturday plus Tuesday, the average delivery time was closer to an hour instead of 20 hours. It did not seem like any of our customers were frustrated about the delay, but it really did not help myself and others gain a lot of tips. I spent too much time standing in traffic.

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