Carmel by the sea is so fun!

I decided that my fiance and I are getting married in CA and going to do our honeymoon there; I asked around and got all sorts of locations that people loved. It is such a sizable state that I had to pick and choose. I decided I wanted a whole blend of CA fun. I wanted the town experience where you see the sights, eat at high end diners and try legal cannabis… So I have us starting out in San Francisco, however then after all of us like the city, the more than one of us will go to Santa Cruz for a beach and boardwalk experience. Afterwards all of us go to Carmel by the Sea which is where our elopement is taking site… Carmel is such a quaint little town with cute shops, a beach and tons of picture perfect locations. After that the more than one of us drive further south to Big Sur and then end up in Santa Barbara. I feel this will be a nice end spot because Santa Barbara has everything all of us could want. There is town stuff like legal cannabis dispensaries, nice hotels, spas and diners. There is quiet, quanti shopping. I also found parks, beaches and great stuff with nature too. I feel Santa Barbara will be the location where the more than one of us are a little loose on what all of us do. I did manage to book us a truly fancy hotel right in the heart of the city. It is our last leg of the trip after all. We will be a married couple, and might as well end the trip in style!

Pot Pick-up Santa Barbara California