I love Denver, and I will never move

My friends and I moved to Denver a couple of years ago.

My mom didn’t want me to leave home, but I wanted to explore the country and see the world.

Denver was a great place to move because they have lots of jobs. We also made the move because of the legal recreational marijuana laws. At the time, Colorado was the closest state with recreational marijuana and my friends were tired of worrying about getting in trouble for something that was legal and half of the country. It is nonsense to get 30 days in jail for a half ounce of marijuana, when an hour away it is perfectly legal to carry that amount on your person. We didn’t have a lot of money when we moved, but we found work very quickly. I took a job at a cannabis dispensary. I applied as soon as we got to the city. I interviewed with the cannabis dispensary, but I did not get hired the first time. I had another interview a few months later and that’s when I got the job at the cannabis dispensary. It’s a 15 minute drive through downtown Denver to get to work, but I don’t mind. The job at the dispensary is a lot of fun and it comes with a couple of perks. I get a huge discount on all of my recreational and medical cannabis supplies, plus I get free dental, medical, and vision benefits. I love living in Denver and my friends and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. There are a few other states that have legalized marijuana for everyone, but there aren’t any places that are as nice as Denver.



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