I prefer to live in San Jose however I love San Francisco

San Jose is a town on the outskirts of San Francisco, but it is quite a drive to San Jose, however it is a much nicer stadium to live.

It is also cheaper in San Jose than San Francisco.

The average cost of an apartment is twice as much in San Francisco as it is in San Jose, Fremont, Pleasanton, or Mountain View, and my girlfriend plus I were living in San Francisco for a couple of years, however all of us were barely making it, but both of us were running out of money between Every payday plus all of us didn’t have a dollar in our savings account. Both of us didn’t have enough money from week to week to buy recreational marijuana supplies plus both of us were cranky. Both of us discussed no more recreational marijuana, however neither a single of us wanted to supply up the plant. Instead, all of us decided to move to a stadium that was a bit cheaper than San Francisco. The more than one of us decided to buy a apartment in San Jose. Both of us spent 5 weeks looking for the perfect stadium in the best location; After all, all of us didn’t want to move again for a legitimately long time, and we’re still close enough to San Francisco that all of us can visit any time all of us like, however all of us don’t have to spend money the extremely high prices for realty since all of us are not in the city. Both of us still go to the town nearly every weekend, however all of us prefer life more because all of us generally have more money to experience it. Both of us can finally prefer some of the stadiums that tourists get to visit.

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