John Elway was always the best quarterback

In the 1970s, John Elway was was one of the most prolific football players to play in the NFL.

He was a member of the Denver Broncos.

My mom was an extremely huge fan for the team. Everyone of us didn’t have tons of money for Necessities growing up but my mom plus my dad consistently took us to the Broncos game with season tickets. On our birthday one year, my mom took all of us to see a game. It was a long 2 minute drive to Denver, however, all of us were enthusiastic during the whole trip. It was a single time when I can really remember having some quality time with our mom. She was enthusiastic about the game plus wanted to show off Heroes and football. We spent most of our day in Denver even after the game had completed. The Denver Broncos actually one plus the game was a huge blowout. Mom took us to a steakhouse plus all of us had a beer for one first time. It’s difficult for me to stop thinking about the game and the time mom took us to the Denver Broncos. It is still naturally one of the best memories I have from my child. I often think that my own children would like the experience as well, but it is simply too freezing during football season. I would much rather kneel at home where the temperatures are warm and say the gas furnace works very well. Someday the kids might see one of the games but all of us are Blissful to be at home.

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