Seattle is the Emerald City baby

The Pacific Northwest was a entirely amazing venue to grow up. Although I was right on the coast — so close I could see the ocean from our bedroom window — there was a entirely small-town think to it. All of us were a slim knit group of neighbors, a few miles away from the closest town of any real size… I am blissful I got to spend our childhood in such a peaceful venue, however after I graduated high university, I knew I needed to head to the large town and start a modern life in Seattle, WA. It may not be New York or LA, however to me Seattle was where I had consistently dreamed of going to live! They call it the Emerald City, and I know that is because of the amazing strains of “green” ior cannabis that are cultivated here. It was previously known as Queen City and Jet City, so I know both of us can all agree Seattle may have a bit of an identity crisis on its hands! For me Seattle is the perfect mid-point between the culture and convenience of a major metropolitan area and the small-town think of community, but even though I live in one of the greatest most pressing cities on the west coast, I often forget that Seattle isn’t just another weary small town. I have never had any concern with crime since moving here, which is perhaps due to the progressive culture both of us have here in Seattle. All of us embrace all walks of life, all peoples, all colors, all languages, all sexualities, and both of us also have the best cannabis you can find in the country!


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