The botanic garden is the best place for our wedding

I didn’t expect the fees to be so high.

The first place my boyfriend ever took me for a date was the Denver Botanic Gardens. We stopped at a cannabis dispensary in Denver and picked up a marijuana pre-rolled joint. My boyfriend and I smoked that joint before we went into the Denver attraction. The marijuana enhances our enjoyment of the gardens. Everything was bright and vivid. That is one thing that I really like about recreational marijuana. I love being able to let go, cut loose, and relax. Marijuana really helps when I have a thousand things on my mind. When my boyfriend and I got engaged, I knew I wanted our wedding at the Denver Botanic Gardens. It seemed fitting to have the wedding in the same place where we shared our first date. The Denver area attraction is a very nice place for weddings. Located on York Street, the garden has beautiful water features and lush Gardens with colorful and fragrant flowers. The location offers 10 unique areas for wedding ceremonies, receptions, bridal showers, and rehearsal dinners. I contacted the Denver Botanic Gardens to get some information on pricing. I didn’t expect the fees to be so high. My boyfriend and I can’t afford to pay those fees unless one of our parents is going to foot the bill. We are going to talk to them next weekend, when we get together for the engagement party. The fees for the venue are more than the fees for our entire honeymoon. I would rather get married at the courthouse so we can have one heck of a reception and honeymoon.


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