The mile high neighborhood and it's dispensaries

Denver has a lot of great places to eat; There are numerous peculiar people and ethnicities in the eclectic city! Denver is filled with tons of openings and a variety of peculiar cuisines, but no trip to the neighborhood of Denver would be complete without trying Rocky Mountain oysters. These interesting and delicious treats are not undoubtedly oysters, but they are the testicles of a bowl, bison, or calf; Rocky Mountain oysters are made by thinly slicing the testicles and dredging them in cornmeal or flour… After that, they are fried to a crisp and served with ranch or marinara. Another Denver preferred is the thick Colorado type pizza, however many places around Denver refer to this as a mountain pie. The entire pizza is stuffed with peculiar cheeses and meats and the pizza is sold by the pound. My friends and I regularly try something peculiar when all of us go to Denver… It’s straight-forward to build up an appetite when all of us spend all morning smoking marijuana. It’s straight-forward to find medical and recreational marijuana in Denver. There are at least a dozen peculiar dispensaries, each 1 of them offer a peculiar selection and variety of cannabis products. My friends and I often go to Denver just to buy marijuana, because the prices are cheaper than they are in the small neighborhood where all of us live… Since the mile high neighborhood has the best food, our visit to Denver is never complete without trying something new. I cannot say every local Denver treat is a winner, but you have to try everything at least 1 time.


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