The service crew couldn't fix the heating problem too

Saturday morning, I was working on the garbage disposal and I realized that there was a serious and major leak under the kitchen sink.

It was behind a wall and in an area where I would not have noticed.

Since I was under the kitchen sink with a flashlight, it was easy to see the leaking water. I carefully removed the wood and I saw the area where the plumbing appeared to be leaking. I didn’t want to tackle the job on my own, so I contacted a contractor from Orland Park. The contractor had availability the next day, but he promised to arrive early in the morning. The Orland Park contractor called at 6:45 and he was 15 minutes away from our property at that time. He arrived shortly after 7 and immediately started working on the plumbing issue. While the service professional was in the house, I also had a problem with the furnace. I thought it was horrible luck, but I hoped the Orland Park contractor would be able to lend some assistance. Although the Orland Park’s service technician had some knowledge on boilers and hot water heaters, he did not feel comfortable working on the furnace and suggested we contact a different Orland Park company to handle those repairs. After a weekend filled with repairs, I certainly hope these are the last issues that we will encounter before the new year. I still have a lot of Christmas presents to buy and all of these repairs are slowly diminishing my savings account and Christmas funds.


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