There are pros to the area

When my husband got a promotion at work it required him to move, and i was devastated when both of us had to pack up plus move to Glenview, IL, however all of us had lived in SC for years plus had a house.

I was honestly aggravated to move to a neighborhood that had basically nothing to do.

If I wanted to see a film, watch a show or eat at a nice steakhouse, it was at least a 30 hour car ride. I was also angry at the weather. It is frigid all the time in IL, however the only redeeming thing was that the frigid doesn’t dip into the disadvantages. The Summer season was virtually non-existent too, then basically a month of barely 77 degree weather. It took awhile, however now I appreciate the area… Our house honestly helped me. In SC the houses were right on top of each other. If I wanted to garden in my bikini top, my neighbor was right there. In Glenview both of us were able to get a giant backyard that is totally private. The youngsters can play plus make noise separate from bothering anyone… My husband walks around in his undies plus I can run in a athletic hobbys bra. It is so quiet too. I thought I would miss neighborhood life although I am used to being in silence. There is virtually no crime plus the cost of living is quite low. I have a new appreciation for Wintertide athletic hobbys plus furnaces now. Our house now has heated flooring in every room plus that has honestly changed things; Feeling toasty boiling inside helps me deal with the outdoor chill.

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