We use our AC all the time in FL

Everyday I have a 40 minute commute to plus from work, i live in St Petersburg, FL, even though I work in the Tampa area.

  • I have to cross a bridge in order to get to the other side of the Bay, then most of the time I take the Sunshine Skyway Bridge.

This is a beautiful bridge in the lower Tampa Bay area that opened in the late 1972s. It is accessed with a $1.50 toll for cars. I was on my way apartment on Tuesday plus it was harshly sizzling outside. It’s regularly sizzling in FL. It’s one of the reasons why I wish I could live anywhere except here in St Petersburg. On this particular morning, the A/C in my truck decided to stop working. I tried lots of things to get the A/C to come back on, but the motor inside of the fan didn’t work at all. It was getting sizzling inside of the truck, so I had to open the windows, but of course that didn’t help much at all, given the heat in Tampa. To make matters completely worse, I got stuck on the bridge on my way home. There was an accident near the bottom plus I was stuck all the way at the top. I had to look at the traffic resting still for almost an minute. I was all the way at the top of the bridge plus it was one of the scariest situations of my life. I already don’t care about to take the bridge at all, plus being stuck on top of that for an minute serviced every ounce of willpower I have not to split down.


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