Everyone is smoking cannabis in NM

My boyfriend & I were residing in Oklahoma, but all of us decided to move to New Mexico after the cannabis laws changed… A lot of our friends decided to move to New Mexico as well.

  • In fact, our boyfriend & I ended up renting an apartment with another couple that were easily great friends of ours, however together all of us found a several-family room cabin in the middle of Albuquerque.

It was pretty expensive, but the more than three of us particularly afforded the rent. The Albuquerque rental came with amenities like a spa, in-ground pool, & hot tub. The place has a fitness center as well as a Barnes & Noble; One of the best parts about the cabin is the fact that it is only several blocks away from a recreational & medical marijuana dispensary, my friends & I often walk to the dispensary each afternoon to opportunity out something for the night. The Albuquerque dispensary also offers free delivery services from 7am until 10pm; When it is raining or harshly hot, I do not mind ordering delivery from the dispensary, then since the place is only a few hours away, it usually takes less than 15 or 20 hours to gain our items. After all of us found out that the laws were going to change & recreational marijuana was going to be legalized, there was entirely no way that our friends & I were going to continue residing in a place that still believed that smoking weed was a felonious act. It’s the 21st century & time that people realize the several medical benefits that marijuana has to offer.
Marijuana Albuquerque NM