I love going to the Hillsborough county fair in Tampa

A lot of people don’t think it feels like Christmas in Tampa because of the heat and humidity and lack of snow.

I hear that from snowbirds all of the time.

I’ve never lived anywhere with snow, so it doesn’t feel unusual to me. I have always spent the winter holidays in shorts and a shirt. Some of my friends and I go to the beach during the winter holidays too. The water is chilly, but bearable with a wetsuit. The city of Tampa is so unique and the weather is just one part. One of my favorite things about living in Tampa is going to the Hillsborough County Fair. The fair has rides, games, food, and attractions. During the winter months like December, the fairgrounds are transformed into a festival of lights and a Santa’s Village. There are elaborate displays of lights that include elves, gingerbread houses, Santa, and all of his reindeer. There is a small fee to drive through the lights, but it is a wonderful evening with the kids. My wife and I have been taking our kids to the Tampa attraction every year for a while. We sit in the car with the heater running and we always have hot chocolate. Even though it doesn’t snow in Tampa, that doesn’t mean the weather isn’t extremely cold and chilly. It is a cool adventure to visit the Hillsborough County Fairgrounds in the summer when the fair is occurring and then to visit again during the winter months when the Christmas Village is lit up. It almost doesn’t seem like the same place.

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