I wasn't ready to admit defeat in any way

Denver heating and AC problems happen frequently, but the city is flooded with businesses that provide repair and installation services.

  • There are at least fifty different HVAC service providers listed on the internet.

Sometimes work can be extremely boring, so my friends and I come up with crazy competitions to help the day go faster. One of my co-workers and I had a furnace installation job on the same day. Both of the furnace installation jobs were in downtown Denver. Both were inside homes and residential jobs that are easy to complete. My coworker and I decided to bet on who would finish with the furnace installation job first. Jack left the building 1st and headed downtown to help a customer and I headed to the other side of Denver to work on a different furnace installation. Both of us started around the same time. I texted Jack at lunch time, so I could hear about his progress. He was already two steps ahead of me. I wasn’t ready to admit defeat at all, but I knew he was moving a lot faster than me. I didn’t want to skip any steps or make any mistakes, so I couldn’t work any faster. At the end of the day, Jack finished almost an hour before me. I tried to come up with excuses for the delay, but I clearly don’t work as fast as Jack. Since I lost the bet, I had to pay for drinks and the first round of shots at a bar around the corner from the HVAC business.

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