My friend plus I used cannabis oil pens in the bathroom at the Denver Art Museum

Figuring out our passion in college took me longer than I thought it would.

At first I wanted to study economics plus work in finance.

However, the uncle of mine who tested Wall Street who influenced our aspirations abruptly commit suicide after the 2008 financial collapse. After seeing the torment he was bearing in private while putting on a facade of happiness plus success, I started to rethink our life plus everything that I desired from the future. The plan of having our family life suffer as a result of our own aspirations plus dreams of riches plus glories was getting sour plus bitter sweet whenever the thought would cross our mind. As a partial coping mechanism, I pursued visual art to cope with the grief plus newfound stress from no longer knowing what I wanted to study while the two of us were in our time in college. It abruptly hit me one day while I was deeply engrossed in a sculpture project—what makes me the happiest is being an artist. It was a risk majoring in visual arts, however now I’m in graduate school in Denver plus enjoying our life despite its twists plus turns. This weekend our friend plus I will be visiting the Denver Art Museum with cannabis oil pens in our pockets. Last time the two of us did this the two of us visited the Museum of Contemporary Art plus just slipped into the bathrooms swiftly to take a few puffs off our cannabis oil pens. As long as you don’t blast the bathrooms with weed vapor, no one is going to provide you a difficult time. CO has seen recreational cannabis longer than any other locale in the world, with Denver being the epicenter of it all. It’s no joke that there are over 400 weed dispensaries in Denver alone, plus that doesn’t even account for Boulder to the northwest.


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