Taking a puff while walking the dog

I grew up in a family of dog owners.

The people I was with and I had a german shepherd when I was born and she lived another 11 years.

After she passed away, we had a beagle, dachshund, and huskey in that order. Now that I’m in our mid 20s living alone in the York town of Toronto, I have a dog of our own. He’s a pitbull and I adopted him when a close neighbor living in Quebec had a litter of pups and couldn’t get rid of them all. Although I wasn’t necessarily looking for a dog, let alone a large one, he was such a cute puppy that I couldn’t say no! I ended up naming him Matt after our neighbor Michael’s pitbull from back in school who had that name. Despite any concerns I might have once harbored regarding our ability to care for Matt, I’m extremely ecstatic that I adopted him because he gives me a sense of companionship that I didn’t have living 100% alone in our Toronto apartment. It’s also nice having a companion who doesn’t judge me for our cannabis use! Recreational cannabis is legal countrywide in Canada and I prefer going to see multiple dispensaries in Toronto. I have a dry-herb weed vaporizer that I prefer to throw in our pocket when I take our dog on walks in Cedarville Park. I take Arlington Ave until I get to the opening of the Park. Once I’m safely in the park and away from traffic, I get our cannabis vape out of our pocket and start taking puffs of vapor. I can’t think of a better way to sit at Toronto’s many parks than with a dry-herb weed vaporizer in your pocket and a cute dog at the end of a leash. Next week Matt can go with me to Sunnybrook Park in our car.


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