The dispensary delivered to my home address

My wife and I did not want to go anywhere last weekend.

It was unusually cold with lots of wind and rain.

I didn’t have any marijuana concentrate, and I was planning to drive to the financial district to visit a dispensary. My wife suggested having the marijuana items delivered to our front door instead. The dispensary in the financial district did not deliver to our address, but I found several different places that were closer and offered delivery. One of the dispensaries had a first-time patient special. Everything in the store was 30% off on the first order. My wife and I decided to add several items to our order since we were going to save a bundle. My wife picked out a cannabis concentrate product called live resin diamonds and sauce. The product was very gooey and wet, but the live terpenes added a lot of nice flavor to the product. The diamonds and sauce tasted exactly like lemons. The citrus flavor and smell was very nice. I picked out a half ounce of Blue Dream flower. Blue Dream is one of my favorite types of dried marijuana flower. The sativa dominant strain had a 26% THC rating. After I completed the order, I waited to receive a phone call from the cannabis dispensary budtender. I expected the San Francisco dispensary to call me with an ETA for the delivery driver. I never heard from the place until the driver was standing on my front doorstep. I can’t really complain, especially since the San Francisco dispensary didn’t take longer than 30 minutes.

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