The field trip to the museum was perfect on that rainy day

Instead of rain, cold air, and dark clouds, we had a clear sky and lots of sunshine

My son is in the 6th grade. He is a good student and he enjoys many different subjects like math, history, and science. Science is probably his favorite subject. When his class had a field trip to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, my son wanted me to join as a chaperone. I agreed to accompany all of the class kids to the museum. On the day of the trip, the weather was absolutely miserable. It was cold and rainy. The bus driver started skidding on the highway as we were driving through Denver. Thankfully it only takes 20 minutes to get to the Museum from the school. All of the kids had time in the morning and the afternoon to explore the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. At lunch time, everyone went to the Planetarium for a show. I enjoyed a lot of the exhibits inside of the Denver Museum. Some places were closed because of covid restrictions, but we enjoyed most of the museum attractions. At the end of the day, I was tired and ready to go home. We had been inside of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science all day, and I was extremely surprised to see the sun shining when we walked outside. The weather had cleared up from the morning hours. Instead of rain, cold air, and dark clouds, we had a clear sky and lots of sunshine. When the field trip was done, I took my son home early and we went to the park for ice cream. It was a really fun day and one I will not forget for a while.

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