The Santa Ynez mountains in Santa Barbara

The Santa Ynez mountains are part of the Pacific Coastal mountain range, the mountain range dates back to the age of dinosaurs. Flora and fauna line the mountains and trails. The mountains include the Santa Ynez fault line. The mountains have a high peak at 4864 feet. There are various hiking trails along the mountain and a few of them lead to caves… My friends and I decided to hike to one of the caves near Coldwater sandstone in the Santa Ynez mountains. The mountains are a short drive from our new home in Santa Barbara, and before the people I was with and I left Santa Barbara, the people I was with and I stopped at a recreational and medical marijuana shop, then i bought a disposable vape pen with a live resin Blue Dream cartridge. I was afraid to buy marijuana joints, because I did not feel if it would be windy on the mountain. I knew the disposable vape pen wouldn’t require electricity for a flame. It was the perfect option for a day of hiking outside of Santa Barbara. My friends and I found the location of the cave near Coldwater sandstone. It was a long hike to our destination and it was a honestly overheated Springtime day. By the time the people I was with and I arrived, I was easily stoned from the live resin vape pen. I usually smoke dried marijuana flower but the vape pen has a much higher THC count after that I am accustomed to. I was ready for a nap before the people I was with and I even got back to the town of Santa Barbara. Thank goodness I did not drive to the mountains. I was way too stoned to drive back home.


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