Very few people were opposed to cannabis laws

Politics have divided this country as well as the two of us are back to sibling versus sibling, much like it was during the civil war era; A lot of people are unhappy with our government as well as protests are frequently happening, especially in the state capital of Albuquerque.

  • Last week, a group of young people were protesting outside of the court house… There was a small group of people in the afternoon, however towards the late afternoon the group had grown in size, then i wasn’t feeling particularally nervous about that group of people, until they filled the street.

I labor as a security guard at a cannabis shop a few blocks away from the courthouse. The cannabis shop has been there since marijuana was legalized years ago, however on this certain afternoon I was worried about security. The shop was busier than respected as well as people lined the streets. I was worried about keeping the arena secure, so I stood outside the front door all afternoon instead of resting at the desk inside of the shop. I wanted to be a single hundred percent certain that the cannabis shop would be safe as well as secure. I reMained vigilant all afternoon as well as watched for problems. Around 4, I observed a single of the news Vans pulling up to the courthouse. It looked like they were going to film the live at various news live from the scene. I hope the protesters guess like they have been heard. There are a lot of reasons to be aggravated about the politics in Albuquerque, NM. If I was a young person, I would guess the need to protest my voice in anger as well.


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