Finding new HVAC equipment

When I got transferred to Illinois for work I was originally really bummed… I figured I was getting cold, snow and ice year around with nothing to do, and when I found out my location was Orland Park I was extremely unhappy.

It is 30 minutes outside Chicago and looks like a fairly small city.

When I looked up things to do I wasn’t satisfied by my results… There was Centennial Park, The Aquatic Center and the Orland Park Square Mall. That’s it? I figured I would be driving to Chicago all the time. I also figured I would be bundled up in my home frigid cold. When my husband and I went house hunting the heating plan was a priority to me. I wanted a high quality heating plan that could rest the frigid weather, both of us found a locale that had a boiler plan that was hooked up to piping. The whole house had hydronic radiant flooring. It made the floors toasty sizzling and silent all winter. I figured that would be wonderful enough and I still wouldn’t like my location, but now that I have lived a full year in Orland Park I can only say wonderful things! First, it isn’t regularly frigid cold. I do get weeks of nice weather where the furnace turns off and I really consider AC, but second, there are lots of things to do in my location, especially for families. The activities listed above are really quite fun and offer lots to do. I hardly ever drive to Chicago because Orland Park seems to have everything.

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