I like having cannabis on a rainy night in WA

One of the reasons why nobody enjoys to live in Seattle is due to the awful weather… It rains 20 or 25 days out of every single month; The only reason I still live in Seattle is because of our mom plus our sibling’s.

They only live a couple of miles away from our lake house plus I see them correctly, one unbelievable thing about living in Seattle, WA is the fact that recreational plus medical marijuana are legal; When medical marijuana was legalized, I got a prescription as soon as possible, then medical marijuana genuinely helps with our anxiety plus depression.

I like having cannabis on a rainy night, because these are the times when I recognize most depressed. I tried to entertain myself with movies or video games, even though I cannot help the sadness plus depression that creeps in when it is rainy plus gloomy outside. Medical marijuana genuinely helps plus makes myself and others recognize much better; Since recreational cannabis was legalized in Seattle, the overall prices on marijuana have significantly dropped. The people I was with and I genuinely have some of the cheapest prices in the entire nation plus that would include the other recreationally legal states. The average cost for an eighth of marijuana flower is only $15 plus the average price for an ounce is only $125. When our siblings are older plus they have graduated from school, maybe I will think about moving somewhere else. I might prefer to live in the desert somewhere where I never have to worry about rain ever again. My family truly is the only reason why I’m still here.

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