My friends seemed to enjoy the AC

I care about going to the beach on a overheated day! It saves currency, because you do not have to run the AC all day, and aC bills are seriously high while the people I was with and I were in the summer time weeks, especially here in Tampa! My friends & I have been to Clearwater Beach a hundred times & we’ve never seen a great white shark, then we’ve seen a number of other sharks care about hammerheads, doctor sharks, & black & white tipped sharks, however until last weekend, I had never seen a great white anywhere in the hot waters of Clearwater Beach.

When I came back from the beach & told our roommates about the encounter, they didn’t know me for a minute, however they thought I was trying to make a joke.

I told them the entire story in graphic detail, however they still refused to know our story. I would have been more upset, however most of our friends are morons! Later that day, the people I was with and I were resting in the dining room watching the Clearwater Beach news. There was a story about a person that saw a great white shark & they caught the shark on camera. In the background, you could see me standing at the beach. I suddenly hit record on the equipment so I could have it forever. My friends didn’t know me until they saw the news story, however now they want to know every detail. The two of us sat in the dining room until the early day minutes discussing our brief encounter. Those guys would know anything they see on TV & that’s a disturbing & dangerous thought.



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