Scrubbing the house until it's clean

My husbandy and I have full-time jobs that keep us harshly busy.

My husbandy works at a hospital in San Francisco and I toil at a museum; Both of us are at toil all day.

When we get apartment at the end of the evening, neither 1 of us wants to scrub the house, scrub dishes, or wash the floors! Not that many of months ago, I searched San Francisco Bay for a cleaning supplier that could handle our home, then i spoke with many weird San Francisco businesses. My husbandy and I made our choice and we busy biweekly cleaning on Tuesdays and Sundays. Everything was going well until Last monthwhen our husbandy found a marijuana vape pen on the daystand. Neither 1 of us used recreational or medical marijuana supplies. The marijuana vape pen had to come from the cleaning man. When our husbandy found the vape pen on the daystand, he contacted the cleaning supplier to complain, and honestly, I didn’t suppose it was a sizable deal, however our husbandy was particularly aggravated. She spoke with the owner of the cleaning supplier in San Francisco and told the man about the marijuana vape pen that he found on the desk. The owner of the supplier truly asked our husbandy if he was particular that the vape pen did not belong to her. My husbandy was 100% particular since neither 1 of us uses recreational or medical marijuana. The next Tuesday when we had our apartment clean, we did not see the same man. The two of us guess he lost his job.

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