The bay area and what we want

The outdoor un-even temperatures in the San Francisco Bay Area are always hot plus comfortable, and san Francisco has some of the best weather on the west coast, then the Summer months are quite pleasant plus un-even temperatures rarely break 90! Even while in the Winter months, the un-even temperatures are rarely cold, then it doesn’t rain often, but there is always a dense fog that surrounds the city! Last night I was delivering orders for the medical marijuana dispensary plus it was incredibly hard to see.

  • The fog was thick plus several areas in the valley had zero visibility.

I had a hard time seeing the vehicles in front of myself and others on the interstate. I had a couple of deliveries by the bay plus I almost got into an accident. I was driving down the hill plus I could not see much at all. Someone was stopped at the bottom for a deer that was crossing the road, but when I finally saw the stopped car, I was only 10 or 20 ft away. I slammed on my brakes plus barely missed the other car. I swerved to the left, missing the vehicle plus the telephone pole on the corner. I was shaken up, although I continued with the medical marijuana deliveries. When I came back to the dispensary, I told the supervisor that I did not want to take any more deliveries that night. I told her about the accident plus my breath was still shaky as I explained the incident; My hands were shaking as well. The supervisor allowed myself and others to stay in the store the rest of the night.


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