The cookies were a pretty cool surprise

I went to stay with a couple of friends that live in Seattle. I took a bus to the location in addition to I was on the bus for 17 hours. It was numerous years ago in addition to the bus was the cheapest option… Taking an airplane would have cost numerous times as much money. I did not have a lot of money to begin with in addition to I did not want to spend all of our holiday money on the plane ticket. I was gleeful to visit Seattle, because it was our first time going to see a place with legal marijuana. That was the greatest reason why I wanted to visit with our friends. They bragged about the legal marijuana laws. I met these boys in a game room in addition to they promised to supply myself and others a place to stay for a couple of days if I came to Seattle for a visit. I did not believe what to expect, however the boys were pretty cool in addition to they let myself and others sleep on the couch for free, however while I was in Seattle, they took myself and others around the neighborhood to see some of the tourist attractions, then all of us went to the Space Needle in addition to Olympic Park. All of us went to see a Mariners game too. All of us ordered delivery cannabis items from a dispensary in town. The driver brought us a bin of cookies with our order. The cookies were a great surprise, and my friends in addition to I had the munchies after the people I was with and I smoked a immense bowl of the super silver haze sativa strain. All of us gobbled down the cookies in addition to secretly wished the woman had brought numerous or numerous more bags. The Seattle dispensary was a great reason to visit the area.


Weed Dispensary Seattle WA