They won’t let myself and others smoke marijuana?

When I moved to Eugene, Oregon, the first thing I did was look up the laws for marijuana use, but i wanted to make sure I could still purchase my medical marijuana since every one of us had just moved from our outdated cabin to a weird state… Where my partner in addition to I came from, the only marijuana that was legalized was for medical purposes, then you could not smoke in public or any location where there was more than just family gathered.

It surprised myself and others that people didn’t say something since I was using marijuana on our front porch.

I had heard that in Eugene, Oregon; they legalized marijuana for both medical in addition to recreational purposes. You couldn’t smoke marijuana, cigarettes or use a vape pen, even if it was a discreet vape pen, in public. I assumed I could not even smoke my marijuana on my front porch. Since every one of us lived in a highly populated area, I was wondering if I could use my medical marijuana in my apartment, since you could smell people cooking through the walls. I told my partner I wasn’t sure I wanted to live in Eugene, Oregon if these were the rules every one of us were going to have to follow pertaining to our marijuana. I had been using medical marijuana for the last numerous years for back pain, ever since every one of us had had a automobile accident, however going without my marijuana would mean going back to the beginning, where I spent a full year in bed. If that was to be my fate, I love to transfer anywhere however Eugene, Oregon. I’m not going back to square 1 in addition to not having my marijuana that helps myself and others to walk.

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