We ended up in Orland Park for our girl’s trip

My friends and I like to go on a girls trip every year.

We typically pick a city to just shop, eat and lounge around in. My buddies and I decided on Chicago because it is known for shopping. We had grand plans to stay at the Ritz and get massages. Well my friend Wendy didn’t get on it by making a reservation. We didn’t want to stay at a low end hotel after that. I started looking around and decided to book us in Orland Park. It was a 30 minute drive to the city but it was totally doable. Traffic wasn’t bad and we liked not being in the city. Basically after our one big shopping day, the girls and I wanted to stay at our airbnb. Orland Park head shopping too. It also had ice skating and sledding in the area, which the girls and I all tried. We ate at some great restaurants and even went for short walks in the area. There were a ton of nature-like things to do and see. The weather was freezing cold, but the airbnb had a great heating system. The rental had heating flooring in every room and a wood burning fireplace. My favorite day was when we stayed in. We watched the snowfall, got hammered on wine and enjoyed the wood burning fire. Just drinking, eating and gossiping all day was the most fun we all had. Turns out we don’t need a big city and lots to do. We need a cute little area and a nice rental to host us in.
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