After my husband left the air force, we never left Glenview

Glenview is easily one of the nicest cities to live in Illinois.

It is an affluent Chicago suburb in Cook County. It is definitely one of the premier destination places for families and professionals that work in Chicago. Glenview has a very low crime rate and top-rated schools. The low crime rate and good schools is one of the reasons why my husband and I decided to move here with our children. We were living in Chicago when the children were young, but the crime rates were through the roof. They were getting worse each year and my husband had four small children. We decided moving out of the city was necessary. After looking at several of the surrounding Cook County neighborhoods, we moved to Glenview. Eventually, my husband decided to start a business of his own in Glenview. He was driving back and forth to Chicago for work and he was completely and totally miserable. I mentioned opening a small HVAC repair business in Glenview, but my husband didn’t think we would have enough business to keep the doors open. After discussing the HVAC repair business for six months, we finally decided to apply for a loan at the bank. Since my husband and I both have excellent credit scores, the bank was more than willing to give us money to start a business. In the beginning, the repair business was extremely slow. He had to work all day and half the night. After my husband started offering commercial repair services, business picked up and we haven’t had a slow day in years.


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