After school, I settled into a routine in Glenview

It took me five years to finish my bachelor’s degree and graduate from college.

  • After I was finished with school, I got a job in Chicago.

I looked for several apartments in Chicago and the surrounding areas. Everything was expensive downtown, so I had to settle for a place in Glenview. Glenview is still in Cook County, but it’s about 45 minutes away from my job in Chicago. I found a two-bedroom apartment near the hospital and the Interstate. It’s very easy for me to hop on the 94 and head right down to Chicago. There is even public transportation that services the area, but I prefer to have my own vehicle at all times. I really like living in Glenview. It’s still close enough to the city that I can visit all of the attractions, but it’s far enough away that real estate is reasonable. I was looking at a house for sale in Glenview. That place was marked down to a very reasonable price, so I decided to look at the place last Saturday. I quickly realized why the house was so reasonably priced. It needed a lot of work to the heating and AC system. The house didn’t have Central AC at all, and the baseboard heaters looked like they were 50 years old. I contacted a couple of heating and AC service companies in Glenview, Illinois, and they all said it cost several thousands of dollars to update the HVAC components. That makes the place totally unaffordable and out of my price range. Eventually I will find the perfect starter house for me and my dog.

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