Cannabis legalization has cleared many from prison

Before cannabis products were legalized in the state of Colorado, a lot of the Denver prisons and jails were filled with people that got into trouble for cannabis possession.

My brother was one of those people.

My brother is a super great guy. He always worked hard to help my mom put food on the table when we were kids. My brother is about 7 years older. When I was young, he was a teenager. I always looked up to him like he was a god. One day my mom received a call from my brother. He was in jail for intent to distribute marijuana. My mom freaked out and refused to bail him out of jail. He sat in the cell for three months before a judge finally heard that case. My brother tried to tell the judge that he did not intend on selling marijuana. The amount of marijuana he had on his person was 20 grams. According to the Denver laws, that was enough to charge my brother with intent to distribute. He was still in prison when Denver, Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. My brother appealed the case with a different lawyer and he got out of prison a couple of years ago. I’m trying to make up for lost time. We missed out on a lot of birthdays, Christmas’s, and family get-togethers. My mom still won’t talk to my brother, even though the court found him to be innocent of the charges now that the laws have changed. I hope I can find a way to get our family back together.


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