Enjoying the Oregon culture

Portland is nicknamed the city of roses… Roses grow seriously well in Portland.

Roses are a single of the chief exports in the city; Back in the 1800s, the Portland Rose Society was founded by the fiance of a Portland socialite.

There are places to go elegant roses all over Portland, including the Lad Circle Rose Garden, WA Park, Pittock mansion, and the Portland International Rose test Garden, and as a botanist, I am particularly intrigued by roses… I toil at the Portland International Rose test Garden, then during the day I toil in the international Rose Garden. At night, I tend to the flowers in our own garden at home. I bought a beach house right outside of Portland with a nice yard and plenty of space for a guard. I chose some vegetables and numerous bizarre colors of roses. The backyard of our home in Portland looks enjoy an arboretum. I enjoy to spend all day on Monday in the garden. I especially enjoy to spend the day outside when the sunlight is shining and there is no rain. It rains a superb deal in Portland, but I think the Roses enjoy the moisture. Another superb thing about Portland is the fact that marijuana is legal, however marijuana has been legalized for numerous years and it can be bought for recreational or medical purposes by any person over the age of 21. It can be used for a variety of reasons. I respectfully use medical marijuana to help myself and others sleep better at night. After a long day working outside, our body and our mind need to relax.

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