On my day off, I try to relax and have fun

I get two days off work each week and I try to relax and have fun on those days.

I rarely have Saturday and Sunday as my days off. These are really busy days at the AC repair business and I just started a couple of months ago. Some of the guys with seniority have Saturdays and Sundays off, but I have to work every weekend. Tuesday and Wednesday were the days that I had off last week and I wanted to go fishing in Evansville with my friend Brad. Brad has a really nice fishing boat and he works from home. The guy I will take a day off anytime if I want to spend the day on the water. I called Brad on Tuesday, but he had a lot of things going on and no time to go to Evansville for a day of fishing. He called me first thing on Wednesday morning and asked if I was ready to travel. We hopped in the car and headed out to Evansville to do some fishing. About 10 minutes after I left town, my boss called and asked me to work. He had a couple of emergency HVAC service calls and he didn’t have anyone to help. I didn’t hear the phone ring the first time the HVAC business called and they left a voice message. I was going to call the HVAC business back, but Brad told me that was a bad idea. I should wait until the end of the day and tell the guy that I completely missed his call. Then I didn’t have to feel guilty if he tried to con me into going to work when I called.

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