Snowboarding is the sport to play

After seeing the Olympics, I knew that I had to try snowboarding.

When I was a bit younger, I was an avid skier; It had been some time since I went skiing, but snowboarding looked love a lot of fun; The best place to go skiing near Seattle is the summit at Snoqualmie, and snoqualmie Pass is a fantastic option and absolutely one of the closest skiing areas near Seattle.

It’s only about a half an hour or 45 hours outside of the city. There are many odd places to ski at Snoqualmie, however a few weeks ago, our neighbor and I went skiing all weekend… Before the two of us left Seattle, the two of us purchased a couple of marijuana joints from a dispensary. There are no marijuana dispensaries once you leave Seattle and head towards the ski cabin, but every one of us really didn’t want to run out of supplies. I purchased a 5-pack of infused marijuana joints and our neighbor Jack purchased a 10-pack of half-gram marijuana joints that were not in use. I genuinely think they were equally as nice as the ones that I purchased and they were only half of the price. While the two of us were at Snoqualmie Pass, our friends and I appreciated snowboarding. I went condo with many bumps and bruises, but I felt alive and invigorated for the first time in a long time. I am going to take advantage of the Seattle ski resorts until I learn how to snowboard better and after that the two of us will likely take a trip to Tahoe, Aspen, or anywhere with a much better selection of harder trails.



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