The second company wanted more reasonable rates for the work

Sometimes it is important to call for several estimates before making a decision.

I needed some work done on my car and I knew it was a good idea to get more than one estimate.

I got the best company to perform the work at the lowest price, because I took my time to make sure I was getting the best deal on the services. I never get upset when my customers do the same thing. I own an HVAC repair business. I have other competition in the valley, but I try to keep the lowest rates and I know I have the best customer service. Every once in a while, someone will find a better deal. I tell every customer that gets an estimate from me, that I will happily beat any lower quote on paper. This has always been the case and I think it helps customers know that we want to be the best. Last month a customer called for an estimate on radiant heated flooring. Radiant heated flooring is one of our specialties. A lot of people prefer this unique heating system, especially in Orland Park, where the lake effect snow and temperatures can cause lots of cold weather in the winter months. I went to the customer’s home and spent about 30 minutes looking over the house and the equipment. I emailed the customer a quote later that day. The next morning I received a telephone call from the customer. She told me that she called a second company and got an estimate for $300 lower than the price that I was charging. She wanted to make sure that I was going to honor the price match deal.


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