The security officer was a nice guy

There aren’t a lot of fun activities in Visalia, California, it’s one of the greatest reasons why our friends as well as I usually go to the city instead, there are tons of bars, eating establishments, as well as nightclubs in sites other than Visalia… Visalia is more of a Suburban city for families as well as quiet citys, however when our friends as well as I went to the city last month, both of us found ourselves in a heap of trouble.

The two of us went to a recreational as well as medical marijuana dispensary.

The two of us were only inside of the building for about 10 minutes, when a security guard stopped our friend as well as asked him to empty her pockets. I couldn’t believe the girl was accusing our friend of stealing… Jack got absolutely aggravated as well as really refused to empty her pockets, stating her right against illegal search as well as seizure. The California security officer as well as dispensary guard did not take kindly to Jack telling him about her rights, she knocked Jack to the ground as well as forcibly emptied her pockets. Jack didn’t have anything in her pocket as well as the security guard looked prefer an idiot. She had to apologize to our friend, however Jack threatened to sue the place if the manager didn’t deliver us all of the items from the dispensary for free. The two of us had nearly $200 worth of items as well as the manager agreed. Jack really could have sued the place for a huge amount of cash as well as one, especially after the guard embarrassed him in front of most people in the store. The two of us will stick to buying marijuana in Visalia from now on, instead of going anywhere else in the city.

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