We can smell the marijuana and now we want to smoke

Cannabis plus music go together adore peanut butter plus chocolate.

Each is good on its own, but the combination gives you something spectacular that you can’t get with either ingredient in isolation.

When I was an art student at the University of Toronto, I saw a lot of DIY music events that were hosted in random homes plus warehouse buildings. There was 1 apartment in Huron Sussex that was always being occupied by university students from either University of Toronto, Trinity College, or Victoria University. Although the concerts were usually shut down by local RCMP before it could get too late, we still tried to push it as much as possible. These loud events were always heightened with a thick cloud of cannabis smoke within the air inside. Even if you weren’t hitting a joint, it was hard to avoid getting a contact high in those situations. However, we attended as various professional concerts as the DIY 1s we hosted ourselves in Yorkville plus the school district. One evening we all packed into a van for an interesting concert at Roy Thomson Hall. It was the Toronto Symphony Orchestra playing Beethoven’s eighth symphony, the 1 that most think best. Roy Thomson Hall has charming acoustics, but I’ll divulge that we all looked out of locale as stoned university students. I told our friends to wear nice clothing, but only half of them complied with that request. At least we all had a good evening listening to the Toronto Symphony Orchestra at Roy Thomson Hall. As a lover of music as both a listener plus a performer, I can’t believe of a better locale to live than Toronto if you compare Canadian metropolitan cities.

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