From Vegas to Visalia

My husband is a big time Las Vegas guy.

He likes to gamble and I like to see some shows. I don’t always want to be stuck in Nevada the whole time though. We compromised on our most recent fall trip. We are going to Vegas for three days and then will fly into California for a few. In Vegas we will do the typical gambling, shows and shopping. In California I want to drink wine, see sequoia trees and take advantage of the legal weed that is there. I found a city that seems to offer all three of those things, Visalia. Since it is not a major city like San Fran or San Diego, the prices aren’t so high either. What is especially nice is that there is an airport less than an hour away from the city. It makes it really convenient. If my husband and I are feeling ambitious we could drive to see the water too. The city location is perfect for any type of trip that you want to do. I think I am mostly going to want to stay local and at my hotel. I want a spa day, a big eating day and to try legal weed. I have wanted to try THC infused chocolates for a long time. I also know that some dispensaries sell CBD infused bath products. I think I am going to go crazy when I stop in that cannabis dispensary. What is nice is that I think my husband will enjoy the second half of our trip as well.

Cannabis Delivery Visalia CA