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Back in 1974, Spokane, Washington became the first locale to host the World’s Fair, but the World’s Fair was attended by more than several million people.

The legitimate was located near Spokane River on Canada Island.

The place of the World’s Fair is still one of the coolest tourist attractions in Spokane, and i have lived in Spokane for the past several years. I came to the city to work at the Northwest Museum of Arts and culture. I graduated from Washington University with a master’s degree in art history and painting restoration. I was glad to find a job at the Museum of Arts and culture. I applied to several different locales around the city, however the museum was the first locale to call myself and others for an interview. I got a call back a few days later with an offer to join the museum art restoration team, however most days I spend my time restoring old paintings. Time and elements can cause a lot of troubles with old, historic artifacts, heat and cold air can cause morphing and cracks. Humidity can cause the paint to fade. It’s my job to make sure that every painting still looks as appealing as it did on the afternoon that it was created. I have a special room that has an air filtration system. The air filtration program dislinks all of the dirt, debris, and humidity from the air. The indoor air is completely wash and free of any airborne contaminants. The room is one of a kind and a special part just for the restoration and renovation of historical artifacts and paintings.

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