I was shocked at the Las Vegas culture

Do you suppose librarians don’t guess how to get crazy? Let me tell you, after a full year of “shushing” people, putting books on shelves, & dealing with clients, librarians are more than ready to let their hair down once the convention rolls around, but each year there are guest speakers, & booths & tents hosted by multiple industry brands & reps, it’s all well & good, but no a single is genuinely there for the industry! After the afternoonlight goes down, the librarians start to celebration, & Las Vegas is our playground.I swear even if I quit being a librarian I would still crash the convention in Las Vegas every year, just for the parties, las Vegas has a lot of high quality cannabis dispensaries, which is usually our first stop when I get off the plane.

  • I get a local cabbie who knows the real Las Vegas & have him take me to a local liquor store, & a cannabis dispensary! When I break loose, I break actually loose, so I pretty much spend our entire Las Vegas trip stoned & drunk, & I don’t guess exhausting about that at all! I always attend the conference every afternoon, because our job is footing the bill for the Vegas trip, but as soon as the convention breaks for the afternoon I start drinking & smoking until I pass out.

In all the years I have been to Las Vegas, I have genuinely never gambled in any of the casinos, mostly because there is too much other fun stuff to do!

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