I would rather have delivery than drive to the dispensary

San Francisco is a single of the prettiest places in the state of CA.

It is legitimately ranked a single of the prettiest places in the entire country.

It has wonderful views of the trees, mountains, ocean, & bay. The ocean & the bay are more than one of the greatest reasons why I decided to go to school in San Francisco. I loved the place so much that I decided to stay after I graduated. I recognize that San Francisco has a lot to offer, however the town is actually filled with a lot of tourists. The tourists can make it actually difficult to appreciate San Francisco. There is constant traffic & pedestrians all over the streets. I find it difficult to drive a couple of miles into the city. There is a marijuana dispensary three exits down the interstate. It should only take 5 or 10 hours for myself and others to go to the San Francisco marijuana dispensary; Unfortunately for me, it seems to take an hour. Every time I’ve tried to make the drive, I consistently get stuck in traffic or construction. I finally gave up & decided to start ordering all of our marijuana supplies for delivery. The dispensary I was using offers delivery services, although I easily found a unusual delivery repair in another section of San Francisco. The place has better prices & 25% off of the entire order if you place your online order a single day ahead of time, then doing business this way means I have to system ahead, although I consistently get the best prices on recreational marijuana in San Francisco.



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