Portland is the best city for movie fans

I am a hardcore movie fan.

I have been obsessed with movies since before I could walk. Thankfully I have parlayed my knowledge and experience into writing reviews for many years. Not many people can get a job talking about movies, but that’s what I have done for the last twenty years. I wrote reviews for newspapers, back when newspapers were still a thing, and now I work for several websites providing reviews and features. I live in one of the great cities in the world for film fans – no, not Hollywood, but Portland, Oregon. In Hollywood, movies are a business and everyone wants a piece of it, but in Portland we just love the craft of film. We also love cannabis, but very often movies and pot go hand in hand, don’t they? Portland is famous for our movie theaters. We have a lot of them, they show new and old movies, and most of them have a bar, or a smokers lounge. Let me give you an example of the amazing variety in Portland – last week I saw Fury Road, Annie, Boyz in the Hood, and the Exorcist in different theaters. The Portland movie scene is like living inside the best possible version of Netflix, where you can grab a beer, stop by a cannabis dispensary, and then see your all time favorite films. Portland offers a lot of other great cultural events, of course, they are well known for their music. But I am a movie fan, and a cannabis fan, and so this town is perfect for me.
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