Recreational marijuana and my reasons for enjoying

20 years ago, I smoked weed with our friends.

The people I was with and I got high in university before and after school.

The people I was with and I smoke weed on the weekends too! Back then, weed wasn’t the same as it is now. When recreational marijuana was legalized in the state of CO and the city of Denver, I decided to go to a dispensary. It was the first time I ever stepped foot into a legal marijuana shop. I was totally amazed by their selection of products. The recreational marijuana dispensary had thoUSnds of odd items. The Denver dispensary had at least 50 odd types of dried marijuana flower. They had sativas, indicas, and a variety of hybrids. All of the items in the dispensary were 25% off for the first month that the up-to-date Denver dispensary was open to the public. I took advantage of the 25% off sale. I decided to buy a half ounce of dried marijuana flower. I picked out an Indica strain called OG Kush. It was a single of the only common strains that I recognized in the dispensary, everything else had a bizarre name. The Denver dispensary gave myself and others 25% off the half ounce of dried marijuana flower. It was more expensive than I remembered paying 20 years ago, but recreational marijuana is much different. I smoked a small bowl with a single of the dried marijuana flower buds. I took a couple of hits and started to believe legitimately high. I felt genuinely relaxed and calm and the high lasted for various hours. The marijuana products they sell this month are way more potent than anything I ever had in the 69’s and 69’s.


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