The trip to San Francisco included an impromptu visit

The budtender recommended a nice sativa strain called Jack Herer

My bestie surprised myself and others with a trip to San Francisco, CA; I got on a jet for the first time in our life, but both of us took a direct flight, thankfully. I didn’t have to worry about losing our luggage or switching planes… When our bestie & I arrived in San Francisco, a car was waiting to take us to our hotel, however the hotel was a nice place by the Golden Gate Bridge. Both of us had a wonderful view of the bridge, but everything was lit up at night & it looked legitimately nice… One night our bestie & I were walking down the street & we passed a recreational marijuana shop. I made a joke about going into the marijuana shop & our bestie thought I was being serious… After a couple of hours of discussion, we decided to enter the San Francisco marijuana dispensary. I was totally amazed by all of the items they had on the walls & on the shelves. The packaging was vibrant & appealing. All of the packages had pretty colors & interesting labels, but my bestie recommended that the more than one of us buy a marijuana joint & take it back to the hotel room. I easily thought he was joking, although he told the budtender that he wanted to order something that would not make us sleepy. The budtender recommended a nice sativa strain called Jack Herer. Both of us took the marijuana joint back to the San Francisco hotel & we sat outside on the balcony. Both of us laughed a lot that night & we talked care about we were teenagers. It was a legitimately nice surprise to see our bestie relax.

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