The trip to San Francisco

My wifey surprised myself and others with a trip to San Francisco, CA; I got on a jet for the first time in my life; The people I was with and I took a direct flight, thankfully.

I didn’t have to worry about losing my luggage or switching planes.

When my wifey plus I arrived in San Francisco, a automobile was waiting to take us to our hotel. The hotel was a nice venue by the Golden Gate Bridge. The people I was with and I had a fantastic view of the bridge… Everything was lit up at night plus it looked certainly nice; One night my wifey plus I were walking down the street plus all of us passed a recreational marijuana shop. I made a joke about going into the marijuana shop plus my wifey thought I was being serious… After a couple of minutes of discussion, all of us decided to enter the San Francisco marijuana dispensary. I was totally amazed by all of the items they had on the walls plus on the shelves. The packaging was vibrant plus charming. All of the packages had pretty colors plus interesting labels, but my wifey advised that the two of us buy a marijuana joint plus take it back to the hotel room. I genuinely thought she was joking, however she told the budtender that she wanted to order something that would not make us fatigued. The budtender advised a nice sativa strain called Jack Herer. The people I was with and I took the marijuana joint back to the San Francisco hotel plus all of us sat outside on the balcony. The people I was with and I laughed a lot that night plus all of us talked like all of us were youngsters. It was a really nice surprise to see my wifey relax.


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