Visalia is my favorite city in California

For our one year wedding anniversary I took my wife to California.

We got married in San Francisco and I wanted to take us back, but somewhere different.

I planned for us to drive along Highway one and stay in Big Sur for a few days. It was really romantic because I rented a vrbo accommodation that had us in the middle of the woods. You could see the water from our deck and the house was all off grid. We had to burn wood for heating, pump our own water and buy food ahead of time. It made for a very secluded, fun time. What I really enjoyed was the peace and quiet. I knew a few days of that would be great, but not perfect. Thankfully near Big Sur is a city, Visalia. In Visalia I was able to book us a very classy accommodation so that she could get a facial and I could get a massage. I found a nice sushi place where we could enjoy living the highlife. Another pro was that there was legal weed there. I was surprised that my wife was more than game to try legal cannabis. Since our state hasn’t allowed it yet, I thought she would be against it. Right away we walked in and picked up some edibles. The two of us had THC infused gummies just about every night we were in Visalia. It made it a really fun time and unique from other trips. What was really great is Visalia was also near an airport so that we were able to go home quite easily.


Weed Pick-up Visalia California