We are looking for cannabis in our city

It’s easier than ever to access medical marijuana products, however one of the reasons is due to the fact that I now live in the town of Albuquerque.

The state of NM overwhelmingly voted to allow the sale of recreational marijuana products, since the laws have changed, the prices on marijuana have dropped significantly, then in the state capital town of Albuquerque, the prices are some of the lowest in the whole state.

I used to spend $45 for an fifth of medical marijuana at a dispensary, and after recreational marijuana was legalized, I found fifths of marijuana for $15 each. The savings are almost unbelievable. The marijuana products are still just as wonderful as ever. In fact, there are actually more distributors in Albuquerque that sell marijuana then there were before. One thing that I have noticed is that various of the new dispensaries are buying giant buildings so they can grow marijuana in house. The Albuquerque marijuana dispensaries save money on taxes if they grow the products in the same stadium where the business is located. I’m just entirely ecstatic to see the laws finally change. There are other states in the midwest that have had legal recreational plus medical marijuana sales for various years. It’s nice to join the rest of the current world by accepting the fact that marijuana has more medical benefits than the people I was with and I would love to admit. One morning recreational plus medical marijuana will be available all over the country. Acceptance will allow us to further understand all of the downside plus positive impacts that marijuana has on our humanity.

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