We love it here in Buffalo, NY

I was born in Buffalo NY, and I love it here.

I love that the people here are die hard sports fanatics. We love our sporting teams especially football, and my husband and I tailgate with all our friends for most home games. Go Bills! Every year, we get tickets to go to the training camp where we get to meet some of the players, which is pretty cool. But my favorite part about Buffalo is that we get a lot of snow in the Winter. It brings back so many memories for me as a child, I remember making snow angels and having snowball fights in the yard with my friends. After playing in the snow, I used to be freezing, and my brother Jake and I used to run back inside the house to remove our wet clothes and warm up. Thankfully, we had a decent furnace, and my mom always kept the house nice and toasty for when we came back in. Those were the good old days. I no longer make snow angels, but we have snowball fights from time to time with our neighbors. When we are done, my feet and hands are usually freezing, and I love running back into the house where it’s nice and warm. After a snowball fight, I like to remove my wet clothes and head straight to the shower, so I typically turn the thermostat to about 84 degrees. We have a great furnace that we purchased last year, and it has done a fantastic job at keeping the house warm. However, I am trying to convince my husband to install heated floors in our master bathroom. I think it would come in handy especially on those days after we get done playing in the snow. I think he will say yes, and by the end of this year, I think I will have nice heated floors in my bathroom.


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