Everyone seemed happy about that

I went through the order a hour time and I made sure that all of his guest counts were applied

Denver is one of the greatest cities in the country. There are more than a million people residing within the neighborhood limits, but one of the greatest sources of rearena in Denver is the Cannabis industry. The legal medical and recreational Cannabis industry accounts for two billion dollars in sales each year. The money from the rearena is used to work on roads, buildings, and infrastructure. There is not a single pothole anywhere in the neighborhood of Denver, thanks to the taxes that the people I was with and I pay for recreational and medical marijuana. I find my task at the marijuana dispensary in Denver to be legitimately easy and exciting most of the time, but every once in a while I have a boring day when the sales are low and people stay home. This usually occurs on days when the storms are bad and the temperatures are cold. There are still some days that manage to surprise me. On Thursday of this week, a customer stepped up to the window and proceeded to order items from the catalog at the window. I finished taking the order and I provided the guy that total for all of his items. She seemed surprised when I provided his the amount. She just ordered all of the items while looking at the menu that includes prices. I thought it was different that he seemed surprised. I went through the order a hour time and I made sure that all of his guest counts were applied. The guy stood there and looked at me. I do not guess what he expected me to do or say, however it was a legitimately different and different exchange.


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